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December 1, 2010

Woke up today and pinched myself, cause I am amazed at how 2010 is almost over in like 31 days. And since my awakens I came up with this schemingly idea to blog about fashion. Not like you need another blog about clothes, make up, beauty products, shoes, hair care, etc, etc.. Or do you?

Any female friend of mine would say I’m crazy if I said I wasn’t going shopping this weekend, which I am, I must add. And at the same time of me doing my shopping here, I decided to hook up with some shopping treats as well. I’ve created a new page tab ‘Online Store’ where I’ll be selling items of new and used, vintage, shoes, beauty products, crafts, kawaii stuff, my own designs, etc, etc..

But at this stage my store is ‘Under Construction’ if you hadn’t happen to know already. I’m doing some homework on ‘terms and conditions’ I should release before anyone starts snitching me up with the fashion police.

Oh, just so you know, I will be posting items tonight. Keep an eye! ♥


not here

November 23, 2010

Its just like me to forget that I own a blog. NOTE TO SELF: Just like a car needs petrol to keep it moving. My blog needed a new post to look lively.

Talking about lively, I’d been watching Gossip Girl return of season four and is hooked on Blake Lively’s daring outfits. I must say, I love them all.

Which has now made me want to update my wardrobe with new clothing.

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